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Gail Cherry offers coaching & mentoring for entrepreneurs. We work together on personal development & success.

I believe…

That the conscientious entrepreneur has already got what it takes to start, run and grow their own business. Doing it though, at the same time as driving & navigating change and new territories is hard work without the space, structure and really good questions to think, learn, design and develop.

How it all began…

I ‘d been in business for myself for 12 years when I decided to take a long-dreamed-of trip to India, in the first instance to ‘sharpen my own saw’. If you’re a fan of Stephen Covey like I am, you’ll know that this is one of the eight habits of highly effective people.

But then, I found myself in a space that was, to me, life enriching; a space with no room for my ego, a space where no-one asked my age, marital, job, financial status ~ it was liberating and re-energizing.

I was experiencing for myself what I create for my clients when we take our coaching outdoors walking. I caught myself remembering the work I’d put into my post-graduate studies on the importance of the coaching space and here was proof to me that we get to the heart of the matter cleaner and quicker when we come to the right space.

Before all that…

Remember when you were little and played grown-up? I remember at age 7 playing at being Teacher. I’m not quite sure how I thought I was ever going to achieve that when I was coming 33rd in a class of 33! You know, it always brings a smile to my face when a client re-connects with their childhood dream to discover a new venture or career that couldn’t be more perfect for them ~ they find their voice.

Well, it took an extraordinary childhood that resulted in me learning some very effective ways to develop myself and to later study the impact of coaching on personal development & success.

By 1988, when I started my first business, I knew I wanted to be a coach. I just didn’t know that what I wanted to be had a name; that became more apparent over time and through different opportunities. I discovered a genuine passion & capability for people development through the regular learning activities I designed and facilitated for my growing team of staff, which, in turn built my industry reputation for developing young talent and opened a door into professional learning and development.

Not yet a quarter century old and I’d sold my first business to venture into doing some fantastic developmental work with businesses big and small. Rest assured I did lots of qualifications and training along the way:

PgDip (merit) coaching & mentoring practice at Oxford Brookes University, level 4: human resource development, training & development and business advisor.

Investors in People specialist practitioner, forum 21 business diagnostics, high-growth business enabler, and I’m a Gold Star accredited SFEDI/IOEE Business Coach (UK sector skills body for enterprise/Institute of entrepreneurs & entrepreneurship), whoop whoop; the only time I got a gold star!

I’ve clocked up a 13-year log of really interesting and practical Coaching Psychology CPD, mainly with my membership to  Association for Coaching & European Mentoring Coaching Council, here’s a sample:

Coaching Master Class – Sir John Whitmore

Introduction to Gestalt Coaching – Dr Alison Whybrow

Motivational Interviewing – Dr Jonathan Passmore

Developmental Transactional Analysis – Julie Hays

NLP Coaching – Bruce Grimley

Realising the Potential – Dr Stephen Covey

My previous (& some current) roles include: training centre manager, head of training, college lecturer, business school internal verifier, training consultant, training manager, NHS (PCT) staff support coach, trainer of trainers, head of learning & development and action learning facilitator. I’ve delivered and facilitated hundreds of leadership & management, business skills & customer service workshops, assessed leadership & management qualifications, assessed learning & development qualifications, helped more than 500 people to start a business, helped dozens to grow their businesses and a hand-full to exit their business.

The outdoors, well, I was a Queen’s Guide, a Venture Scout working on my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and later a Cub Scout/Scout assistant leader. I would accompany the group on volunteer conservation projects with the Peak Park Ranger and was never happier than in my hiking boots and spending the night under canvas.

I couldn’t know it then, but chalking on that easel set me on my way to supporting other people with their experiential, developmental, transformational and self-directed learning.

Enough about me…

I’d love to hear from you, how I can help you with what’s challenging you right now in your business or in your work. If you’re ready, contact me for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation; or spend some time looking over my services and blog first.