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About Me,

Everyone deserves to have the best brought out in them. Coaching & facilitation does just that.

I get to great outcomes through the process of spark & shift: engagement, creativity, perspective, listening, empathy, and by working through resistance.

What’s it like to be me- always observing & noticing the world around me, 100% authentic, always learning, always on the lookout for excellence and I feel proud when I to say “you’re doing great”. I think I’d have made a good detective. Odd as this may sound, I love to have the odds stacked against me, and it’s that competitive flair which challenges me to win out in difficult situations. I’ve got a strong ‘get after it’ mentality – I get things done.

I love wisdom and interested in eastern influences on spirituality and how self-actualisation happens.

Personally – my two grown up Sons flew the nest, they’re doing great! I was a single mum for 17 years, it wasn’t always easy. Now, I live with my partner and our two cats in a rural idle by the river surrounded by nature and wildlife. I practice yoga & meditation, live an Ayurvedic lifestyle and restore vintage furniture in my spare time.

About my practice,

My coaching and facilitation work focuses on the idea that ‘together we can…’

For me it’s a respectful process of ‘bringing-out’ that’s light and has lightness (fair, fresh and relaxing), it’s accompanied, combined, sociable and together. It’s grounded to ‘self’ yet connected to the outside world. It comes from a place of I’m ok you’re ok.

My specialist coaching approach applies the practical wisdom of philosophy and integrates practical psychology (particularly: transactional analysis), and has a purely pragmatic objective to help people live their lives with greater deliberation, liberty, understanding and passion.

As a facilitator I’m present in your space to hold the process, I’m authentic and intuitive. I have bounds of empathy and patience; I’m flexible, inventive, practical and realistic. I’m a systems thinker and will raise challenging questions to get to your best action. It’s my aim to see more people engaged, contributing and energised in their work, making best use of their talent, intelligence, capability and creativity and resulting in truly great places to work.

I prefer an integrated approach to coaching, where we have frank and direct dialogue that’s uninterrupted by coaching tools and models. It’s a different approach that allows mindfulness to blossom. I work with the whole person: their mind, heart, body & spirit. I draw out the highest and the best from them, so that we work on what’s challenging them most in the context of their work, business, or life and as a result they change from the inside out, their character, competence, initiative and positive energy. They discover their strengths & talents and develop a deeper sense of self.

My focus is on transformation and profound shift in the context of: self, transition, personal mastery & growth, self-efficacy, excellence, freedom, responsibility, authenticity, purpose, meaning, paradox and dilemma.

I have a lovely space to work in and meet clients, however in the main my clients prefer to take advantage of my ‘green-space’ location where we head out for walk-&-talk coaching sessions.

About my experience,

I pay a great deal of attention to my own personal and professional development, which really you’d hope for from a coach. Over the years I’ve practiced and studied continuously and progressively to become qualified, accredited and quality assured to work professionally in: organisational development, enterprise development, professional training and coaching. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University and a member of:

Association for Coaching (AC)

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Institute of Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurship (IOEE)

In the process of growing my first business, which I started the day I left college, I discovered a genuine passion and capability for people development. It was the regular development activities I designed and facilitated for my growing team of staff that built my industry reputation for coaching young talent, which in turn opened a door into professional learning and development and the fantastic opportunity to take my skills onto the platform at Salon International.

I feel extremely fortunate and very proud to have worked with such a wide and diverse range of people and businesses: I’ve helped 500+ people start-up and grow their own business, to the extreme of working in the exciting world of explosive demolition.

My journey brings me here – where my work focuses on coaching and facilitation providing personal and professional development for both budding & established entrepreneurs.